Cup Loading Automated machine -Pick &Place ” J-CLAMPP 100 “

June 8, 2020
  • Direct Time and Man Power saving.
  • Reduce Human error and Handling error.
  • User Friendly, Fool Proof system.
  • Less Foot Print (6 feet )
  • Highly Effecient ,Reliable, Extremley Fast and Consistent.
  • Design with Low volatge for Power Savings and Highly Safe.
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Tech Rider

  • Fully Automatic PLC Based Control System
  • 120 Cups per Min (12 Trays )
  • Complete custom Build Machine for 3 varites of Cups & Trays (7ml, 15 ml & 25 ml )
  • Pneumatic Linear Guided Mechanism for High accuracy Noise less & smooth Function of machine in High speed with no maintenance
  • Auto Syncronisation, with 10 Mins Change over time.
  • Machine Interlocks with Multiple Sensor for Human and Machine safety, includes Audio Visual Alarm Indicator.
  • SS 316/3o4 for fabrications with Light weight high durable Aluminium Body .
  • User friedly system and Ease Trouble shooting