Tablet Count Verification system


• Veripro is one of our unique inventions with portable table top handy machine with Gravity and Pneumatic Spacing technology for fast and reliable output.

• The system is portable, table top, Very Compact with complete GMP compliance. The System consists of Hopper, A Product Guide with High speed Sensor system and Product collection Chamber.

• The complete system is controlled by PLC and HMI.

• The authorized person set the value first, after that product will be loaded in the hopper manually, Count Verification System (Veripro) is activated by switch, once the system loaded with the Capsule/tablet on the hopper.

• The system will pass the Products through the specially designed verification chamber with Gravity plus Pneumatic flow and get counted through the sensors for the set value. Counted product will be collected at a chamber and compared with set value.

• Once the system verified the count the report will be generated, recorded and printed. And also the system will give alarm for any deviations in the count and the deviation will be recorded and acknowledge.

Technical Specification

1. The Base machine is designed with Aluminum Hard Anodized Machined and covered with SS 304, SS 316 used for all contact parts. (Product Hopper/ collection Chamber / Travel guides).

2. High Response PLC/ Microprocessor based control system with Touch screen HMI for Human interface.High speed Micron scanning sensor for Product detection in high speed . 3 Level Password user management System. The system equipped Batch Reports.

3. The complete system in Pneumatics controls with solenoid valves and interlocks. Sensor based and Cylinder lock system for collection Chamber.

4. Epson Thermal Printer is integrated with the system.